HDPE or high density polyethylene, used in the manufacture of bags of small thickness, but still resistant to tearing, but with lower resistance to further destruction,

LDPE which is a low density polyethylene; bags are more soft and extensible, thereby preventing further tearing. It is suitable for the production of bags used to store waste with sharp, pointy edges. They are ideal for filling containers for garbage and waste, suitable for sorting documents and items in households and businesses.

Garbage bags (with different types of film in different sizes depending on the application and needs)

Debris bags (made of durable, strong film can also be used to collect heavy items. Welded, abrasion resistant and perforating the ideal solution for repairs)

Sacks equipment (like bags rubble necessary construction activities, but transport, durable, solid, irreplaceable)


Garbage bags 35 liters recommended for home or office use, where such materials are very useful in the process of storage, collection and preparation for deportation documents, used envelopes, shredded remnants, scraps of paper and small garbage and waste.

Garbage bags 60 liters are widely used both in offices and homes, as well as catering establishments, factories or in service companies.

Garbage bags of 120 liters are articles used both in households and in all kinds of industrial and service companies.

Garbage bags of 160 liters are used both in industry and in many households. Offered in handy rolls are made of durable, resistant to tears and punctures, strongly colored, derived from recycled polyethylene low density. Very practical and roomy check out wherever needed are multifunctional, easy to use and cost-effective solutions to help you complete specific - both professional and home - activities.

Garbage bags of 240 liters is one of the most popular products. Available in a range of vip-poland, made from very thick, durable film, and characterized by the highest quality workmanship big bags are used both in households and in large industrial plants and successfully used for - among other things - sorting and disposal of garbage, the preparation of the loads transport and storage and protection of even very heavy objects and accessories.